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Recruitment Needs
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Please keep in mind that The Bad and the Ugly (Batu) is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. What this means is we expect applicants, as well as members alike to come to all raids prepared with consumables, repair money, a good outlook and attitude, while maintaining a high raid attendance. You will have to be able to perform, accept criticism ranging from mild to harsh, and show personal initiative in improving your personal weaknesses; be it DPS, Healing, Tanking, or on a particular encounter.

We have several groups that raid typically 3 nights a week with a 4th if we are pushing content. Raids typically commence at 9pm EST (server time) and go till 1am.

Before you fill out an application for Batu, I suggest you read the following very closely to decide if we are the guild for you.

  • You should be capable of maintaining near perfect (If not perfect) raid attendance, especially during your application process. This also applies to core raiders once promoted as well.
  • You are expected to be attentive and listening to raid instructions when they are delivered. If you have to be told multiple times what to do it'll count against you.
  • You are expected to perform to the maximum capabilities of your class at all times. Be it on trash, farm content or progression content, you should always be showing us how much you wish to be here. We do notice and we appreciate team players.
  • As an applicant to Batu, we do not owe you anything. You are here to impress us and show to us you are an excellent player, not just some random scrub.

If you are still reading this, then maybe Batu is the guild for you. Please fill out the application with care.
Thanks for your interest in Batu and best of luck.

Please begin by registering for the forums here: http://batu-guild.com/login/do/register and then fill out the application form located here.