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Policies - Raiding and Attendance
We strive for individuals to be the best they can be. We also give you time to learn a boss mechanic, but if it becomes consistent that you don't understand/perform we will have to replace you.

Flasks and potions are provided in cases of emergency from the guild bank. You are expected to come prepared every week, but we understand that sometimes we do more pulls than some people expect. In those cases we will cover the consumables you need and ask that you put in a donation to the guild equal to about half the cost of the supplies.

Be on time. Being late can hurt a raid more than you think. If you happen to be running 5 minutes late, communicate it so we can clear trash while we wait, as long as we know you will be there we can work around it rather than waiting around for you or trying to organize a replacement just in case.
Given the fact that we are a 10M guild, we are are rather strict with attendance. We completely understand RL happens and sometimes you will not be able to make it. However, if your lifestyle doesn't fit to our raiding requirements then maybe our guild is not the best spot for you.
Computing Platform
While we are aware that sometimes computers and internet connections play up, we will not tolerate you consistently having issues with either of these. You will delay progression and stop a raid night from progressing at all because of these things. If the problems are consistent we will be forced to bench you until it's fixed.

Mumble communication during a raid is highly important, having a working mic and headphones are a must. You must be able to communicate in situations where the unexpected happens.
Taking instructions. Jobs are often given to individuals or groups to handle boss mechanics. It's very simple, if you are given a job to be the second interrupt for an ability a boss performs, get your interrupt. Sometimes the job is to kill or CC an add on a fight or use off-healing cooldowns or soak an ability with a defensive. We just ask that you follow any directions given to the best of your ability.

Try not to panic and yell in Mumble. If things go wrong they can be salvaged. Screaming and yelling in Mumble will only put others off their game and further worsen the situation. Calmly explain what happened and we can work around it.

Updated July 23, 2014