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Policies - Loot

Under Construction - Check back soon!

The question on everyone's mind.
We are a 10 Man guild and we run two groups (at the moment) - a weekday one and a weekend group. Both groups follow the need for MS and greed for OS policy (we do not loot master). Please never hit disenchant - we have that already taken care of.
That being said, we may have some different loot priorities per group. The weekend group gives out tier tokens to Tanks first followed by Healers and then DPS (as a general rule). This is of course player by player decided and if you feel like it is a bigger upgrade for someone else you may pass it onto them.
Communication is key, if you feel something is itemized better for your spec or class just communicate it, we want to keep loot problems non existant and we need you to communicate. We have had Tanks and Healers pass for DPS because they communicated well and it was better for the raid overall.
If you happen to need roll and win something we feel is more suited to another person we will talk to you about it and suggest and ask that you pass it to the prefered person.
All BOE's are MS rolls only. They will be put into the guild bank for other raiders to use for MS or to sell for OS and alts.