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Policies - Guild Bank

Under Construction - Check back soon!

Listed below are the tabs and their respective purposes for our Guild Bank. There are restrictions in place in terms of who can see what tabs as well as deposit and withdrawal.

TAB 1 - Deposit Tab - is primarily for depositing weekly flask/herb/pots so that we can track them more easily. The mats are then put towards guild sanctioned activities

TAB 2 - Leveling Tab - is for public use. You can dump stuff in there that you don't need or don't want, and other members are free to pull them out at will. This would be stuff like low level drop, excess bandages, cloth or inexpensive crafting materials. Please try to put items that will be useful to others though - we don't want a bank full of greys.

TAB 3 - Glyphs & Dust - is for member use. We try to stock glyphs that are in demand for the respective classes.

TAB 4 - Crafting Mats - contains non enchanting crafting mats (volatiles, metal bars etc.) as well as item enhancements such as belt buckle sand leg kits. Access is available to raiders and above.

TAB 5 - Enhancements - contains raw gems,  enchanting mats and BoE epics from raids. Please do not deposit cut gems into the tab as we want to be able to create the cuts of our choosing. If you would like to purchase a BoE please get in touch with an officer.

TAB 6 - Raid Food - contains the relevant raid feast materials as well as popular stacks of buff foods. Each raid will have a member capable of withdrawing. If you would like to sell these mats to us - please contact an officer.

TAB 7 - Flasks & Potions - this tab has the relevant potions to make Cauldrons of Battle as well as potions for raids.  Please deposit your contribution on a weekly basis.
For all raiding main spec enchants, Maelstrom Crystals are provided by the Guild. (Metronomes) has all the current end game raiding enchants. All that we ask is that you provide the mats outside of the crystals for your enchants.
If there is anything you feel you can offer to the guild or the bank material wise don't hesitiate to make an offer. We are always looking for people that like to farm to further expand the Guild Bank.
If you would like to farm materials for the guild please contact an officer we may buy the materials off you, as we would rather pay a guildie for them than a seller on the AH.